Inside the Bush Crime Family Part 1

December 1999 Part 1. (Part 2 May 2000.)

By Uri Dowbenko

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DEA Video Documents Cocaine Pickup by George W. Bush

Despite the Big Media Cartel's coronation of George W. Bush as the

next U.S. President, skeletons keep rattling in the Bush family closet.

In fact, current U.S. politics can be described as a high-level mob war

between the Bush crime family versus the Clinton/Dept. of Justice

crime family for-at the very least-control of the country and its

drug economy-based assets.

Most recently, the Secret Bush Brothers Video, which allegedly shows

George Jr. and Jeb with a formidable quantity of cocaine-an allegedly

controlled substance-has surfaced, at the same time as the withdrawal

of a purported Bush scandal book by a New York publisher.

The bogus book scandal might be described as "limited hangout,"

an agency term for promoting a red herring story in the media to distract

the public from the CIA's criminal behavior.

According to LAPD Whistleblower Michael C. Ruppert, the Drug

Enforcement Agency has in its possession a video of George W. Bush

and Jeb Bush flying in to Tamiami Airport outside of Miami, Fla.,

to pick up a couple of kilos of powder for a party.

Ruppert heard about it from Terry Reed, author of Compromised:

Clinton, Bush and the CIA (1994). "I was with Terry recently at

a public speaking engagement where he reminded the audience

of a little passage from his book Compromised," writes Ruppert.

"In that passage he describes how Barry Seal had told him that

he had ‘insurance' in the form of proof that the Bush Boys were

doing heavy drugs."

"Thanks to the ‘uc' as under covers are called, Barry Seal and Terry

Reed were sent on a drug sting to meet some wealthy Texans,"

writes Ruppert. "It turns out that the wealthy Texans were

George W. and Jeb Bush who flew in on the family owned King

Air to pick up the cocaine themselves. Hidden DEA cameras

filmed the whole incident, including the tail number of the aircraft

and both Bushes' participation. According to Reed, nobody knew

in advance who the buyers were."

In a hair-raising finale to the story, Reed states that he has both

the tail number of the aircraft and the DEA case file number,

"and he strongly suspects that tape to turn up during the 2000

presidential election."

Getting the Dope on Bush

CIA operative Terry Reed has worked closely with the late Barry Seal,

a notorious drug smuggling pilot who also worked for the CIA.

In his book, Compromised, co-written with veteran journalist

John Cummings, Reed describes a conversation he had with Seal

about his "insurance" a.k.a. blackmail, in case Bush crime family

syndicate would try to double-cross him.

"Ever hear the old expression, it's not what you know, it's who you

know? Well, whoever said that just hadn't caught the Vice President's

(George Bush's) kids in the dope business, ‘cause I can tell you for

sure what you know can definitely be more important than who you

know," bragged Seal to his buddy.

Reed was incredulous. "Barry, are you telling me George Bush's

kids are in the drug business?" he asked.

"Yup, that's what I'm telling you. A guy in Florida who flipped

for the DEA has got the goods on the Bush boys. Now I heard this

from a reliable source in Colombia, but I just sat on it then, waiting

to use it as a trump card if I ever needed it. Well, I need to use it

now. I got names, dates, places, even got some tape recordings.

I even got surveillance videos catching the Bush boys red-handed.

I considered this stuff my insurance policy," said Seal.

"It makes me the mole on the inside that's feeding the stuff to me

invincible. Now this is real sensitive s**t inside of U.S. Customs

and DEA and those guys are pretty much under control. It's damage

control as usual. But where it gets real interesting is what the

Republicans will do to the Democrats in order to dirty up the

people who might use this information against Bush."

Hinting at a high-level Mob War between the Bush Family and the

Clinton Family, Seal told Reed that "he was on a secret mission by

none other than the Agency (CIA) to sort of dirty up some people

real close to the Governor (Clinton)."

"Now I had been working on this through Dan Lasater," continued


"Now Dan's a good old boy and all that, but he's got a drug problem

and he's got the b**s to be stealing from the Agency, too."

Some nerve. Imagine stealing cocaine drug profits from the CIA.

When Reed questioned him about the duffel bag Seal had taken to

Skeeter Ward, Seal said, "Let's don't call it cocaine. Let's call it

neutralizing powder. Least that's the way the Bush family saw it.

This is just one family warring against another. Just like the Mob."

Reed claims he found these revelations "disquieting." Seal tried

to reassure him by saying, "Terry I told you when I met you.

I'm in transportation and I transport what the government wants

transported. In this case, the Republicans, the Bush family, wanted

some stuff transported into Mena and into Arkansas that would

end up in the noses of some very prominent Democrats."

Seal was later assassinated.

More Corroboration

Other corroboration of the Bush crime family shenanigans comes

from former FBI asset Darlene Novinger. It's a tough life, after all,

to work for the Feds-especially if you expect not to be stabbed in

the back.

Rodney Stich, in his 1994 edition of Defrauding America

(, writes that Novinger was a "former

FBI operative, (who) reportedly discovered during an FBI investigation

that Vice President George Bush and two of his sons were using

drugs and prostitutes in a Florida hotel while Bush was vice president."

"She reported her findings to FBI supervisors and then (was) warned

no to repeat what she had discovered," continues Stich.

"Novinger had been requested to infiltrate drug trafficking operations

in South America and the United States. She was pressured to quit

her FBI position; her husband was beaten to death; and four hours

after she appeared on a July 1993 talk show describing her findings

(after she was warned not to appear), her father mysteriously died.

A dead white canary was left on his grave as a warning to her. After

receiving death threats she went into hiding, from where she occasionally

appeared as a guest on talk shows and called from undisclosed locations."

Presumably, the long arm of the Bush crime family syndicate has kept

her in hiding ever since.

According to a later 1998 edition of Defrauding America, Novinger

was a former investigator for the Federal Crime Task Force working with

the FBI in an unofficial capacity. She was recruited as an undercover

operative, and she had the authority to investigate and report criminal

activities, but not the power to arrest. She was not paid a salary, either,

but received periodic payments based upon assets seized or the value

government agents placed upon her information.

Her success led her to be assigned to Atlanta where she was involved

with "an investigation that revealed a large drug operation involving a powerful Lebanese drug trafficking family living in luxury in Miami

and Jamaica," writes Stich. "It was called Operation Nimbus and

it involved the Smatt family, headed by William Smatt, related to

the the Lebanese Phlangee group."

Most importantly, Novinger said that "the investigations showed that

the drug trafficking operation involving the Smatt group also implicated

Vice President George Bush and his son Jeb."

There is, after all a formidable strategic importance in having positioned

the two Bush Boys, Jeb and George Jr., as governors of the two states-

Florida and Texas-which coincidentally happen to be the primary drug

trafficking portals into the country.

Stich writes that "the irony of this discovery was that George Bush was

the head of the South Florida Task Force. The investigation also

discovered that Bush was being politically corrupted and blackmailed

by drug traffickers who knew of the vice president's involvement in

these criminal activities."

Novinger said that after submitting the report to the FBI concerning

Bush's involvement, orders came from Washington to stop the entire

investigation and destroy all reports.

Stich adds an additional corroboration of Bush crime family drug

trafficking involvement. "Before Operation Nimbus was shut down,

veteran U.S. Customs investigator Joe Price, had filed similar reports

involving high level drug trafficking, including the George Bush

involvement," writes Stich. "After Price had filed his report in

September 1983 concerning Bush's involvement in drugs, supporting

Darlene's reports, FBI arrested Price on false narcotics trafficking


Note to all U.S. Federal employees: report a crime, go to jail.

Fighting Against the Bush Crime Family

One of the most outspoken anti-Bush Crime Family activists is private

investigator-Federal Whistleblower Stewart A. Webb. He claims that

the Bush Boys-George Jr., Jeb and Neil- as well as George Bush Sr.

are implicated in many top level criminal activities.

Webb, a political whistleblower on the highest levels of federal fraud,

has been investigating government corruption since 1986 and has

produced a series of videos called "Corruption in High Places."

Webb has uncovered key evidence linking government officials with

illegal drug smuggling and money laundering, as well as data on the

Savings & Loan Scandal of the 1980's, in which an estimated $1 trillion

was stolen from the American people.

In his research, Webb also discovered the connection between the

so-called HUD scandals in which $50 billion was stolen in U.S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development fraud and the Junk

Bond Scams/Loan Swaps of Michael Milken, Larry Mizel and

Charles Keating which claimed over $6 billion.

Since then he has been a prime source of information to Rodney Stich,

author of Defrauding America (1994, 1998) Pete Brewton, author of

The Mafia, CIA and George Bush (1992), and Jonathan Beatty, a

senior correspondent for Time magazine.

"The news articles that Mr. Webb contributed to expose a pattern

of illicit political influence in Denver and led to the indictments and

subsequent convictions of several businessmen," wrote Beatty.

Reporter Sarah McClendon wrote in her Washington Report

(Dec. 24, 1991) that "Stew Webb cannot lay his head on a pillow at

home because he must keep running from the FBI which wants to

jail him for talking publicly how private industry was involved in

raising money for covert action by the CIA and also how Bush friends

in Denver are involved in using government housing money for

developments and profit making."

Almost single-handedly, Webb has pursued justice in a system in

which government officials and judges have been compromised

through bribery and other scandals.

It's gotten real up-close and personal, as they say, because Webb's

former father-in-law, Leonard Yale Millman, a prominent Denver

businessman, has blocked access to Webb's own daughter.

Webb claims to have evidence that Millman (MDC Holdings,

National Brokerage Companies) has been one of George Bush's

primary money launderers for the last 20 years. His fight for a

Grand Jury demand has been stalled.

In a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Richard P. Matsch, Webb

writes that he has "a Justice Department Assistant Inspector General

who is prepared to act in our behalf to assist in the Grand Jury


Other government agents are willing to help. A dozen secret witnesses

can be selected from more than 200 potential witnesses.

They will testify about Leonard Yale Millman, Larry Mizel

(MDC Holdings), Norman Brownstein (NSA attorney; Director,

MDC Holdings) and others involved in an ongoing criminal enterprise."

The Brownstein Connection

Webb has been tangling with some serious players. Brownstein, for

example, is chairman of the board of Denver law firm Brownstein,

Hyatt, Farber and Strickland P.C., "the state's most politically connected

firm," according to Denver's 5280 Magazine (April/May 1998).

"Just how influential is Norm Brownstein?" asks 5280.

"When Brownstein visits Capitol Hill, U.S. Senators follow him

down the hall. Ted Kennedy calls him the ‘101st Senator.'

Bill Clinton takes his calls...

Brownstein operates at the national level where he is considered

to be one of the country's top five fund-raisers."

In Pete Brewton's groundbreaking expose "The Mafia, CIA and

George Bush," Brownstein is named as "one of the most influential

political fund-raisers in Colorado." He was a member of the board

of directors of the infamous MDC Holdings from 1980 to 1989 and

paid $492,000 in 1986 and $280,000 in 1987 for his legal work.

"MDC Holdings is a large Denver based home builder and residential

developer headed by Larry Mizel," writes Brewton. "It has gained

notoriety in the saving and loan debacle for its dealings with

Michael Milken, Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings, San Jacinto Savings

and most of all, Silverado Savings, the Denver S&L where Neil Bush,

the President's son sat on the board of directors."

Brewton writes that "as a lobbyist, Brownstein has worked for the

junk bond industry, including many companies that issued bonds through

Drexel Burnham, and he has also lobbied for savings and loans, including

Imperial, that had large junk bond portfolios."

Brownstein also lobbied for Lincoln Savings, controlled by CIA

operative Charles Keating, who raised money to buy Lincoln from

Michael Milken.

The Grey Men's Empire

Webb also claims that the Bush Crime Family Syndicate-he calls them

"The Grey Men's Empire"- is responsible for high level national

corruption that includes illegal drug smuggling, arms smuggling,

money laundering, insurance fraud, savings and loan fraud and

murder for hire.

The sons of George Bush, Webb claims, are also co-conspirators.

Texas Governor George Bush Jr., for example was involved with

Little Rock, Ark.-based Worthen Bank and Stephens, Inc., an alleged

money laundry operation according to several researchers.

Bush Jr. also cashed out in an inside stock trading deal involving

Harkin Oil. The country of Bahrain gave this unknown company

oil drilling rights in exchange for a new air base to be built at American

tax-payers expense.

According to Webb, "George Jr., Jeb and Neil Bush were all party to

the crimes involving drugs and gun money laundering through

Silverado Savings in Denver. They were all aware of ‘Poppy' George's

schemes using CIA, Israeli Mossad, Homestead Air Force Base and

Mena, Ark., to import drugs and ship weapons."

In the biowarfare-treason department, "Jeb Bush controlled the shipping

of 18 strains of chemicals shipped to Iraq through Leonard Millman's

National Gulf Stream Aviation warehouses at Boca Raton Airport,"

says Webb. "These chemicals are now being reported as responsible

for Gulf War Syndrome currently killing Americans who served

in the Gulf War."

More Criminal Conspiracies

Webb's investigations have uncovered many criminal conspiracies which

continued to be conducted under the auspices of what has been called the

Shadow Government-the so-called "national security" and "intelligence"

agencies. These include illegal covert drug smuggling, weapons dealing,

and money laundering-operations which have their deadly roots in the

World War 11 era of the Brownshoe Boys of the OSS/ CIA.

Harassed, falsely arrested and imprisoned numerous times, Webb filed

a Demand for Convening a Grand Jury in 1995 "to investigate crimes

concerning Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO)

and continuous criminal enterprises, high treason, narcotics trafficking

into the United States of America, theft of over $ 1 trillion from

U.S. Government and obstruction of justice" naming among others

George Bush.

According to Webb, George Bush has bragged that "as long as we keep

food on their table, gas in their gas tanks and a roof over their heads,

we don't have to worry about the BUDsters." The arrogant senior Bush

calls the American people BUDsters." It stands for Broke, Useless

and Depressed.

That's quite a joke coming from the former head of the CIA. After all,

they refer to themselves-with no irony at all-as "Criminals In Action."

Bush Jr's Drug Plane?

The most recent bombshell in the Bush Crime family scandals has been

discovered by Daniel Hopsicker and Michael C. Ruppert.

In an article called "Why does George W. Bush fly in drug smuggler

Barry Seal's airplane?" the authors reveal that CIA drug smuggling

pilot Barry Seal was murdered by a hit team directed by NSC staffer

Lt. Colonel Oliver North. The hit team members revealed this fact to

their attorneys during trial.

Afterward, the airplane that was the crown jewel in Seal's drug smuggling

fleet, a 1982 Beechcraft King Air 200, through a convoluted series of

transactions, ended up as George W. Bush's personal aircraft.

According to Jerry Daniels, Executive Director of the Texas State Aircraft

Pooling Board, "He used to fly on that airplane all the time. He stopped when he became a presidential candidate because the state won't let you

fly its aircraft for political purposes."

Was that the plane-Bush Jr.'s favorite, called "Zero-Eight-Foxtrot"-the

one he used in the cocaine pickup at Tamiami Airport?


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